Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Dhammapada / Android app / Free Download

The Dhammapada is an important and old text found in the Pali Canon. One of the best versions of The Dhammapada and a difficult one to find is, "The Complete Illustrated Dhammapada" in its original hardcover book form it is 1200 pages in length.

For all those who use 'Android Apps' this is a version of the book available for free download from 'Google Play.' Not only is it illustrated, but each chapter has an audio file of the Pali Chanting of the verse, a great way to become familiar with the ancient language of early Buddhism.

You can find the Free Download here / Click Here

Free - Android App. for Cell Phone and Tablet

World’s largest edition of Dhammapada, this is illustrated with 423 especially commissioned works of art. The book represents the quintessence of Buddhism, embodied in 423 stanzas that represent the words of the Buddha. The wisdom implicit in these sacred verses is timeless and is universally applicable. This encompasses both spiritual and worldly situations.

The book classified into 23 chapters is arranged to give the reader the original Pali in Roman characters and the translation of each stanza at two levels. The prose order of each stanza is provided, with the meaning of each word explained. The story, out of which the verses emerged, is also provided. A comprehensive commentary facilitates the understanding of the work in depth. The book comes in an attractive slip-case, with an illustration depicting one of the most serene images of the Buddha adorning the cover.

Number of pages in the original book: 1200 (Hardcover - A4 size)

This Dhammapada Android app features the same illustrations and stances of the original book and more, please refer to below feature list for more details

* Ability to read the book offline (No internet connectivity required)
* Ability to view and download original illustrations onto your SD card / phone for FREE
* Can set illustrations as your wallpaper
* Listen to stances in Pali language with audio English translation
* Interchangeable night and day modes for comfortable reading
* Supports landscape and portrait modes
* Save bookmarks with your own remark to remember the place you stopped reading
* Easy to use user interface


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